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MD State Sen. Ron Watson, PhD (D-23)

"I have had the privilege to work with Jocelyn over the years in Prince George’s County and in Annapolis. During that time, no words can describe her character other than courageous and hardworking. She puts our community first and has led the charge on significant legislation in Maryland. She is the epitome of a public servant and will serve as a great representative to District 23."


Former State Senator Douglas J.J. Peters (D-23)

"Jocelyn is the epitome of a public servant. She is experienced and continues to successfully navigate the political waters in Annapolis to pass meaningful legislation for Marylanders. She knows the 23rd District through-and-through. She was an amazing public servant for our District before and will be again as State Delegate. You can count on Jocelyn not only to be on the ground in Annapolis, but also hands on in District 23 meeting the needs of our communities."


MD State Delegate Marvin E. Holmes (D-23)

“I have known Jocelyn for many years and have watched her grow to be an extraordinarily hard worker, with an intellect and eagerness to pursue Maryland political policy. She has worked within the Maryland General Assembly assisting Delegates in preparing legislation and testimony for many years. I was impressed to watch her lead the Tobacco 21 campaign in 2019, which asked for an increase in the age of tobacco product sales to the age of 21. It became law in October of that same year. She is ready, and I wholeheartedly embrace her candidacy as a Delegate for District 23 in the Maryland House of Delegates.”


MD State Delegate Geraldine Valentino-Smith, (D-23)

"I support Jocelyn Irene Collins for Maryland State Delegate - District 23! I had the pleasure to work with her over the years serving residents in District 23 and with her in the Maryland General Assembly on various legislation. She is experienced, transparent, responsive, and will serve our District well!"


MD State Delegate Cheryl Summers Landis (D-23)

"Jocelyn represents the very best of our future and I pray God's grace and favor on her life."


MD State Treasurer and Former MD State Delegate (D-25),

Dereck E. Davis

"As a public health advocate, community organizer and political leader, Jocelyn Collins exemplifies integrity and hard work. Annapolis needs bold, innovative leaders - Annapolis needs Jocelyn Collins!”


District 4 Prince George’s County Councilmember, Todd M. Turner

"Over the years that I have known Jocelyn, I have seen her grow to become a passionate and strong advocate on issues important to the community and State, including healthcare and our youth. I believe her voice will add to the effective district representation we have had in Annapolis.”


Vice Chair, Prince George's County Council, Sydney Harrison- District 9

“Jocelyn is smart, hardworking, innovative, and has a servant’s heart. She truly believes in always putting the community first. She has been and will continue to be a tremendous advocate for the community at-large, while being your representative in Annapolis. We need State representatives who truly understand the community. She is experienced, and knows how to get things done for our constituency in Annapolis. Jocelyn will foster great partnerships and community collaboration. She will always listen, communicate, and be an effective leader for District 23 residents. That’s Jocelyn!”


Prince George’s County Council At-Large Councilmember, Mel Franklin

“Jocelyn Collins is a rising star in our County and our State, and she will make an outstanding Delegate. I’ve had the privilege of knowing her for many years and witnessing her passion for public service and tenacious advocacy for the causes she believes in. With her fresh ideas and excellent grasp of the issues, Jocelyn will help our great State become even greater!”


City of Bowie Mayor Pro Tem and District 3 Bowie City Councilmember, Adrian Boafo

“Throughout her career, Jocelyn Collins has been on the frontlines fighting for Marylanders. She listens and knows how to bring people together. That makes her a compassionate and effective leader. As Mayor Pro Tem of Bowie, I know we need State representatives who have our City’s interest at the top of their agenda. Jocelyn is a friend of the City of Bowie. Her work will help our county and State recover from the COVID-19." pandemic.”


At-Large Laurel City Councilman, Martin A. Mitchell

“Jocelyn Collins represents the very brightest of our new generation of political leaders in Maryland. She is  considered a veteran in Annapolis and a trusted advocate!  She will fight for all Marylanders and make sure no one is left behind. You can count on Jocelyn! She is who we need for South Laurel and Beltsville!”