We must take steps to improve our health care system. We can and will do this by focusing on eliminating health disparities, adequately funding our state and local health departments and programs, focusing on mental health, closing our Medicaid and Medicare coverage gaps, continuing to push policies aimed at providing better access to care, prevention, detection and treatment. We must also advance healthy eating and active living policies. Additionally, we must protect and advance reproductive health, rights, and justice.


In order to achieve a world-class education system in Maryland, we must continue to work to achieve educational equity. We do this by continuously investing in our public school systems, paying our educators and educational support professionals their fair share, lowering class sizes, valuing the vocational education training programs, and making public colleges and universities in Maryland tuition-free.


In order to ensure that the next generation inherits an Earth that is healthy, thriving, and equitable - we must champion climate conscious policies. We do this by increasing clean energy use with a focus on geothermal energy, stopping deforestation, advancing wind and solar power, and other affordable renewable energy sources.

Additionally, we need to focus on the implementation of the Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 and funding the recommendations from the various Commissions involved with coming up with solutions to solve the Climate crisis to meet State goals. Moreover, we need to champion tax credits and establish free State programs to help Marylanders electrify.


We must promote economic security for all residents. Having a stable income and other resources to support the right to an adequate standard of living now and in the foreseeable future is essential. We need to support Maryland families; support and monitor the implementation of paid family and medical leave; provide retirement security and fix the Maryland pension system; index the minimum wage to inflation; equalize pay for women; increase tax relief and fairness; promote affordable housing; implement balanced housing protections, support seniors, students, recent college graduates and parents; and ensure every resident is able to thrive.


We need to focus on equity, access, and support for our small businesses. We can do this by providing more opportunities for grants, loans, state unemployment tax relief with expanded options for payments and sales tax benefits for our small businesses. It is also imperative that the state and county procurement process allows small businesses to thrive. One way to achieve this is by ensuring prompt payment of public sector contracts to allow smaller businesses to bid on public sector contracts. Moreover, we need to increase Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) goals and hold the State accountable for meeting these goals, participation, and opportunity. 


Additionally, in terms of business, we need to focus on smart growth to revitalize and build socially, economically and environmentally sustainable Maryland communities. Ultimately, the goal is to create an atmosphere where families can flourish and Maryland is seen as a state where business is welcome and companies can prosper. By attracting and retaining businesses, we can develop diverse and robust jobs with livable wages for our workforce; opportunities for our students; and generate prosperity for all Marylanders.


We must continue to advance police education and reform policies, fund community policing programs, create violence interrupter initiatives, and push for policies that reduce gun violence and gun deaths. 


Additionally, we must provide more opportunities and support for those re-entering our society, and ensure that our justice system provides equal and fair treatment at every stage.